Confession #10

I have heard stories about people who have been in love with one person for years or even the rest of their lives.

At times I wonder what is the case with me? Because my mind does not understand or how to wrap itself around what is really going on with I am feeling. It seems to me that the longer time passes the harder it is. I thought that the longer time passes the easier it is suppose to be…

It will be a year in a couple of months. I have met plenty of women…slept with two different people and kissed many lips other than yours since then.


Even my other past lovers came to pass me by…actually all my past lovers, all five of them had contacted me this year alone. Including you, ofcourse. Besides the note, nothing regardless. I want nothing. But you are different than the rest and do not know why.

I cannot explain it, but I can try…

I feel that there is a string, an invisible heartstring that ties me to you. It never goes away, no matter what I do with it. And I know its the same for you. But it is not about knowing with you, it is more the feeling I get.

An intense feeling.

A feeling that comes and goes, like memories…memories of you that wont let me go. It keeps me here on a standstill. Flashes of moments that seem to last for a lifetime…it brings me back and reminds me all over again.

I truely believe that our love is like a phoenix… a love that burns itself then rises again from its ashes, a rebirth of a new one. A burning love that dies and comes back to life.

And it’s over
I’m going under
But I’m not giving up
I’m just giving in

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"Never Let Me Go" -Florence + The Machine

(This song is so powerful, powerful enough to bring me into tears)

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#personal #confession #love #phoenix #life&death #rebirth #never let me go #giving in #past lover #music metaphor 
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#florence + the machine #never let me go #song #music #music video